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25Mm Cutters / Blades

25Mm Cutters/Blades
Brand: OLFA Model: BLA HB-20
Extra Heavy-Duty, Snap-Off Replacement Blades For: 25 mm cutters Cat No: HB-20B Qty: 20 /Pack Extra heavy-duty, snap-off blade for the toughest jobs. Ideal for construction and industrial applications. Made of high-quality carbon tool steel and designed for unparalleled sharpnes..
R 239.00
Ex Tax:R 207.83
Brand: OLFA Model: CTR XH-AL
OLFA® Fiberglass-Reinforced Auto-Lock Utility Knife Comfortable anti-slip maximum performance - X Design Series™ Cat no: XH-AL This extra heavy-duty utility knife is a powerful anti-slip utility knife, featuring a professional grade Fiberglass rubber grip for maximum comfort and contr..
R 159.00
Ex Tax:R 138.26
Brand: OLFA Model: CTR XH1
OLFA® Fiberglass-Reinforced Ratchet Lock Utility Knife Comfortable anti-slip max performance - X Design Series™ Cat no: XH-1 This extra heavy-duty knife is part of the X OLFA Design Series™, a powerful line of anti-slip grip cutting tools combining exceptional performance with inn..
R 156.00
Ex Tax:R 135.65
Brand: OLFA Model: CTR H1
Olfa with Rubber Inset Grip OLFA® Rubber Inset Grip Ratchet-Lock Utility Knife Blade Size: 25 mm Cat no: H-1 Choose this rubber-grip OLFA® utility knife when you want ultimate control. The knife has a symmetrical design, so it can be use by both right- and left-handers. Use this uti..
R 141.00
Ex Tax:R 122.61
Brand: OLFA Model: CTR H1-BB-5BB
R 141.00
Ex Tax:R 122.61
Brand: OLFA Model: BLA HBB 5B
25mm Black Ultra-Sharp Snap-Off Blades For: H1, NH1 and XH1 cutters Qty: 5 /Pack These heavy-duty blades are designed for more demanding materials and projects. Put them to the test, and they'll pass with flying colors. Use these blades for cutting industrial materials such as gaskets..
R 76.00
Ex Tax:R 66.09
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