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Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES491500
Festool Guide rail FS 5000/2 Order number: FES491500 Model: FS 5000/2 ....
R 12,139.00
Ex Tax:R 10,555.65
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES491501
Festool Guide rail FS 3000/2 Order number: FES491501 Model: FS 3000/2 ....
R 7,368.00
Ex Tax:R 6,406.96
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES491937
Festool Guide rail FS 2700/2 Order number: FES491937 Model: FS 2700/2 ....
R 7,028.00
Ex Tax:R 6,111.30
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES491502
Festool Guide rail FS 2400/2 Order number: FES491502 Model: FS 2400/2 ....
R 5,897.00
Ex Tax:R 5,127.83
Brand: KREG Model: KR KMS8000
Precision Trak & Stop Kit Take the guesswork — and your tape measure and pencil — out of cutting wood to length Our Precision Trak and Stop Kit allows you to turn a miter saw into a precise cutting system. Simply position the stop at the dimensions you'd like to cut u..
R 5,050.00
Ex Tax:R 4,391.30
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES491503
Festool Guide rail FS 1900/2 Order number: FES491503 Model: FS 1900/2 ....
R 4,205.00
Ex Tax:R 3,656.52
Brand: KREG Model: KR KMS7200
Precision Band Saw Fence A new level of band saw accuracy Most band saw blades don’t run perfectly perpendicular to the front of your table. There’s always just a little bit of 'drift' that prevents you from getting precise cuts even when you are using a fence. The Kr..
R 4,485.00
Ex Tax:R 3,900.00
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES496939
Festool Guide rail FS 1400/2-LR 32 Order number: FES496939 Model: FS 1400/2-LR 32 ....
R 3,534.00
Ex Tax:R 3,073.04
Brand: KREG Model: KR KMS7101
Precision Miter Gauge Adjustable Cutting Accuracy with Simplicity and Durability Why spend your time calibrating a miter gauge when you can get factory-calibrated accuracy right out of the box? Our Precision Miter Gauge requires no calibrating, and features positive s..
R 3,553.00
Ex Tax:R 3,089.57
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES491498
Festool Guide rail FS 1400/2 Order number: FES491498 Model: FS 1400/2 ....
R 2,390.00
Ex Tax:R 2,078.26
Brand: KREG Model: KR KMA2700
Accu-Cut™ Transform your circular saw into a high-performance, track-guided cutting tool Start projects right by making straight, accurate, splinter-free cuts with your circular saw and the Accu-Cut™ Circular Saw Track Guide. It rips, crosscuts and makes angled cuts u..
R 2,818.00
Ex Tax:R 2,450.43
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES491504
Festool Guide rail FS 1080/2 Order number: FES491504 Model: FS 1080/2 ....
R 2,026.00
Ex Tax:R 1,761.74
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES466357
Festool Bag FS-BAG Order number: FES466357 Model: FS-BAG ....
R 1,784.00
Ex Tax:R 1,551.30
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES491499
Festool Guide rail FS 800/2 Order number: FES491499 Model: FS 800/2 ....
R 1,599.00
Ex Tax:R 1,390.43
Brand: KREG Model: KR KMA4100-INT
Crosscut Station Get miter saw quality from your circular saw The Crosscut Station gives you the capabilities of a miter saw with just a circular saw and Kreg® guided cutting. Crosscut boards wider than most compound miter saws can handle (up to 12' at 90°). Make a va..
R 1,749.00
Ex Tax:R 1,520.87
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