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Holesaw Hss

Holesaw Hss
Brand: RUWAG Model: RHSHSS75
75mm HSS holesaw....
R 432.40
Ex Tax:R 376.00
Brand: RUWAG Model: RHSHSS65
65mm HSS holesaw....
R 376.31
Ex Tax:R 327.23
Brand: RUWAG Model: RHSHSS50
50mm HSS holesaw....
R 271.90
Ex Tax:R 236.44
Brand: RUWAG Model: RHSHSS40
40mm HSS holesaw....
R 232.06
Ex Tax:R 201.79
32mm HSS holesaw
2-3 Days
Brand: RUWAG Model: RHSHSS32
32mm HSS holesaw....
R 209.01
Ex Tax:R 181.75
Brand: RUWAG Model: RHSHSS25
25mm HSS holesaw....
R 172.78
Ex Tax:R 150.24
Brand: RUWAG Model: RHSHSS20
20mm HSS holesaw....
R 122.35
Ex Tax:R 106.39
Brand: RUWAG Model: RHSHSS18
18mm HSS holesaw....
R 107.63
Ex Tax:R 93.59
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