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Diamond Blades (long Life)

Diamond Blades (long Life)
Brand: RUWAG Model: RDBDEM230
230mm demolition diamond blade....
R 714.21
Ex Tax:R 621.05
Brand: RUWAG Model: RDBINDA230
230mm asphalt diamond blade....
R 655.39
Ex Tax:R 569.90
Brand: RUWAG Model: RDBSTD2303P
230mm standard diamond blade 3 pack /pk....
R 469.56
Ex Tax:R 408.31
Brand: RUWAG Model: RDBINDT230
230mm industrial tile diamond blade....
R 420.13
Ex Tax:R 365.33
Brand: RUWAG Model: RDBINDG230
230mm granite diamond blade....
R 386.47
Ex Tax:R 336.06
Brand: RUWAG Model: RDBSTD11510P
115mm standard diamond 10 pack /pk....
R 357.08
Ex Tax:R 310.50
Brand: RUWAG Model: RDBIND230
230mm industrial diamond blade....
R 334.39
Ex Tax:R 290.77
Brand: RUWAG Model: RDBLTC180
180mm diamond blade tile cutter....
R 206.56
Ex Tax:R 179.62
Brand: RUWAG Model: RDBSTD230
230mm standard diamond blade....
R 166.36
Ex Tax:R 144.66
Brand: RUWAG Model: RDBSTDT1153P
115mm standard tile diamond 3 pack /pk....
R 143.67
Ex Tax:R 124.93
Brand: RUWAG Model: RDBINDT115
115mm industrial tile diamond blade....
R 134.44
Ex Tax:R 116.90
Brand: RUWAG Model: RDBINDG115
115mm granite diamond blade....
R 117.62
Ex Tax:R 102.28
Brand: RUWAG Model: RDBSTD1153P
115mm standard diamond blade 3 pack /pk....
R 113.42
Ex Tax:R 98.63
Brand: RUWAG Model: RDBIND115
115mm industrial diamond blade....
R 100.82
Ex Tax:R 87.67
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