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Drill Boxes Complete

Drill Boxes Complete
25pce industrial metal 1-13mm....
R 1,689.82
Ex Tax:R 1,469.41
19pce grip box industrial metal....
R 811.03
Ex Tax:R 705.24
Brand: RUWAG Model: RUW3313GGSTAND
25pce standard metal 1-13mm....
R 577.59
Ex Tax:R 502.25
5pce Turbo concrete 4-10mm
2-3 Days
Brand: RUWAG Model: RUW590165TURBO
5pce Turbo concrete 4-10mm....
R 399.57
Ex Tax:R 347.45
Brand: RUWAG Model: RUW3310908INDUST
8pce Industrial Metal 3-10mm....
R 350.84
Ex Tax:R 305.08
Brand: RUWAG Model: RPCS25PIND
25pce Ind Combo Metal/Masonry/Wood/Power bit....
R 349.72
Ex Tax:R 304.10
Brand: RUWAG Model: RTMSDS-SETS-160
5pce sds Ind. 5-12x160mm....
R 326.25
Ex Tax:R 283.69
Brand: RUWAG Model: RPROF-SETS-110
5pce sds prof 5-12x110mm....
R 315.51
Ex Tax:R 274.36
Brand: RUWAG Model: RUW3310GBSTAND
19pce grip box standard metal....
R 312.80
Ex Tax:R 272.00
Brand: RUWAG Model: RUW33SET
15pce combo set wood/Brick/Metal....
R 268.49
Ex Tax:R 233.47
Brand: RUWAG Model: RUW3310618COMBO
18pce combo set hss/mas/wood....
R 252.64
Ex Tax:R 219.68
Brand: RUWAG Model: RUW590168CONCRE
8pce Industrial Concrete 3-10mm....
R 249.48
Ex Tax:R 216.94
Brand: RUWAG Model: RTMSDS-SETS-110
5pce sds Ind. 5-12x110mm....
R 234.92
Ex Tax:R 204.28
8pce Wood flat bit set 12-32mm....
R 232.20
Ex Tax:R 201.91
Brand: RUWAG Model: RUW3310905TITAN
5pce titanium metal 3-8mm....
R 218.34
Ex Tax:R 189.86
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