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Drills Masonry

Drills Masonry
Brand: RUWAG Model: RDTC85100
51mm diamond tile bit....
R 650.55
Ex Tax:R 565.69
Brand: RUWAG Model: RDTC84100
41mm diamond tile bit....
R 501.09
Ex Tax:R 435.73
Brand: RUWAG Model: RDTC83200
32mm diamond tile bit....
R 402.41
Ex Tax:R 349.92
Brand: RUWAG Model: RDTC83000
30mm diamond tile bit....
R 377.76
Ex Tax:R 328.49
Brand: RUWAG Model: RDTC82500
25mm diamond tile bit....
R 319.25
Ex Tax:R 277.61
Brand: RUWAG Model: RDTC82200
22mm diamond tile bit....
R 287.25
Ex Tax:R 249.78
Brand: RUWAG Model: RTCC51600
R 276.86
Ex Tax:R 240.74
Brand: RUWAG Model: RDTC82000
20mm diamond tile bit....
R 266.23
Ex Tax:R 231.50
Brand: RUWAG Model: RCLC522400
22x400mm industrial concrete long carded....
R 256.46
Ex Tax:R 223.01
Brand: RUWAG Model: RCLC520400
20x400mm industrial concrete long carded....
R 243.00
Ex Tax:R 211.31
Brand: RUWAG Model: RBLC520400
20x400mm standard brick long carded....
R 231.04
Ex Tax:R 200.90
Brand: RUWAG Model: RCLC516400
16x400mm industrial concrete long carded....
R 225.55
Ex Tax:R 196.13
16mm diamond tile bit
2-3 Days
Brand: RUWAG Model: RDTC81600
16mm diamond tile bit....
R 224.58
Ex Tax:R 195.29
2-3 Days
Brand: RUWAG Model: RTCC51400
R 212.04
Ex Tax:R 184.38
Brand: RUWAG Model: RBLC516400
16x400mm standard brick long carded....
R 210.30
Ex Tax:R 182.87
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