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Stainless Steel Pre - pack

Stainless Steel Pre - pack
Brand: RUWAG Model: RF-STFEW1245-5
Stainless Steel Fender Washer 12x45mm (5)....
R 28.77
Ex Tax:R 25.02
Brand: RUWAG Model: RF-STSS1240-2
Stainless Steel Set Screw 12x40mm (2)....
R 26.15
Ex Tax:R 22.74
Stainless Steel Nut 12mm (5)
2-3 Days
Brand: RUWAG Model: RF-SSN12-5
Stainless Steel Nut 12mm (5)....
R 24.16
Ex Tax:R 21.01
Brand: RUWAG Model: RF-STFEW1045-5
Stainless Steel Fender Washer 10x45mm (5)....
R 23.65
Ex Tax:R 20.57
Brand: RUWAG Model: RF-STMSC5040-10
Stainless Steel Machine Screw Cheese Head 5x40mm (10)....
R 22.94
Ex Tax:R 19.94
Brand: RUWAG Model: RF-STFEW6032-10
Stainless Steel Fender Washer 6x32mm (10)....
R 22.80
Ex Tax:R 19.82
Brand: RUWAG Model: RF-STSS1230-2
Stainless Steel Set Screw 12x30mm (2)....
R 22.12
Ex Tax:R 19.24
Brand: RUWAG Model: RF-STST4038-10
Stainless Steel Self Tapper Pan Head 4x38mm (10)....
R 21.31
Ex Tax:R 18.53
Brand: RUWAG Model: RF-STFEW5025-10
Stainless Steel Fender Washer 5x25mm (10)....
R 20.95
Ex Tax:R 18.22
Brand: RUWAG Model: RF-STST4838-10
Stainless Steel Self Tapper Pan Head 4.8x38mm (10)....
R 20.37
Ex Tax:R 17.71
Brand: RUWAG Model: RF-STMSC5030-10
Stainless Steel Machine Screw Cheese Head 5x30mm (10)....
R 19.10
Ex Tax:R 16.61
Brand: RUWAG Model: RF-STST4832-10
Stainless Steel Self Tapper Pan Head 4.8x32mm (10)....
R 18.24
Ex Tax:R 15.86
Brand: RUWAG Model: RF-STSTCK4038-10
Stainless Steel Self Tapper Counter Sunk 4x38mm (10)....
R 17.75
Ex Tax:R 15.43
Brand: RUWAG Model: RF-STSS1050-2
Stainless Steel Set Screw 10x50mm (2)....
R 17.42
Ex Tax:R 15.14
Brand: RUWAG Model: RF-STSS6025-5
Stainless Steel Set Screw 6x25mm (5)....
R 16.64
Ex Tax:R 14.47
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